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Cats and fur balls

Cats are very clean animals who spend almost a third of their time cleaning themselves so that they shine.

His means that they swallow a lot of dead hair, above all in those periods of the year when they are moulting.

Fur is stored in the stomach interior that the cat must eliminate to feel fine.

This problem is exacerbated in cats with longer fur, such as Persian breeds, or when the cat is of a certain age and has less strength and energy to perform its daily hygiene routines and because its digestive system is slower, meaning it is harder for them to disperse of fur balls.

To prevent and reduce this problem, daily groining is advisable for your cat, above all if it is older or has longer fur, with the aim of removing hair that comes frees and thus avoid this being ingested.

The SELECT CAT range of products by Picart is specially formulated to eliminate fur balls, thanks to the incorporation of a type of fine and flexible fibres that contribute to intestinal motility, favouring digestive transit. In this way, the amount of fur balls that the cat will vomit to eliminate these will be less, as it will be easier for the animal to dispose of these via faeces.

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