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My cat is in heat, what should I do?

Even non-cat owners know that felines emit a special meow when they are in heat. So what is heat? It is the period when cats are in a position to procreate, and the time when female cats agree to copulate in order to be fertilised. Males are also in heat, but they are always ready to mate as soon as they detect the presence of a cat in heat.

Bearing in mind that female cats can come into heat repeatedly, every 10 to 15 days, if the right conditions are met (times of more sunlight, especially spring and summer), the meowing and behaviour of cats during this period can be quite annoying.

What are the symptoms of a cat in heat?

Oestrus manifests itself in different ways in male and female cats.

Males: insistent meowing, trembling due to excitement, aggression towards other cats, needs outside the litter box.

Females: insistent and more intense than normal meowing (sometimes you can confuse it with the scream or cry of a child), continuous rubbing against all kinds of objects, urinating outside the litter box, more affectionate than normal attitude and willingness to escape.

How should a cat be treated when it is in heat?

Keep a closer watch on the house’s entrances. It is normal for cats to try to escape from the house to find a mate to mate with. So be more careful with open doors and windows where the cat or cat could get out. And, if they are open, keep an eye on your pet. If you have a female cat, other male cats may come looking for her and may sneak into your house.

Give more affection. A cat in heat is under stress. To calm him down, pet him more often, cuddle him, give him all the attention you can and he will surely feel calmer.

Play more. This tip is along the same lines as the previous one. While you play with your cat, you will keep him distracted and he will “forget” about the heat for a while.

Keep the pet healthy and strong. It is possible that your cat may lose her appetite during heat. This is normal, but it is also very important that your cat’s food is of the highest quality. You can also try giving her a wet food if she usually eats feed – the variety may attract her attention. Check out all the natural cat nutrition options from Picart Petcare.

Stay indoors more. Keep your cat from feeling lonely by spending as much time at home as possible. Keeping an eye on your pet will help him or her to overcome the stress caused by heat.

How to avoid heat?

The only solution to stop heat is sterilising. Sterilising your cat is the only definitive remedy to avoid the symptoms of heat, stress and aggression derived from this situation. But it is essential that you consult your vet because there are times and ages when it is more advisable to sterilise them (for example, it is not advisable to sterilise them just when they are in heat). You should also bear in mind that sterilisation is a surgical procedure which, like any operation, involves risks. And remember, if you do decide to sterilise your cat, you will need to provide it with a special food: Picart Select Adult Grain Free Sterilised – Light, Picart Select Adult Sensitive Sterilised – Light and Picart Select Adult 7+Years Sterilised – Light for cats.

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