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How do you know if your dog is cold?

Dogs are cold too. Although their bodies are protected by a layer of fur, which of course acts as a “coat” protecting them from the cold, it may not be enough.

It is true that depending on breed, coat type, size, age and state of health, some dogs may suffer more from the cold than others. A Saint Bernard or a Husky tolerates the cold better than a Yorkshire or a Dachshund. But if they are animals that have always lived in warm areas, they will not be used to intense cold either.

Small-breed, short-haired dogs are especially sensitive to the cold and puppies or senior dogs or dogs with health problems can also feel the cold more intensely.

In the same way that not all humans have the same resistance to the cold, neither do our companion dogs. That is why we must be attentive to the signs they show us and interpret how they feel.

How to know if my dog is cold (and what to do about it)

Shakes. This is the most obvious symptom, when the dog shivers or trembles it may be due to the cold.
What to do? Avoid draughts and shorten your walk on very cold days. Another option, in the case of short-haired or sparsely coated dogs, is to buy a coat.

Sleepiness. A dog that feels cold usually spends a lot of time sleeping, because his bed is the place where he finds the most warmth, avoid stretching out on the floor because it is cold.
What to do? Set up a corner for him next to the radiator, with a blanket or a cushion, to avoid contact with the floor.

Slow breathing and mobility. This is another symptom that your dog is getting cold.
What to do? Try to keep him warm when you take him out for a walk, cover his bed with a blanket or turn up the heating a little. You can also buy a special heated dog bed.

Dry skin. If you notice dryness in the hairless areas of your dog’s skin, such as the nose, it may be due to the cold.
What to do? You can give him a little massage to warm him up and get his blood circulating better and treat his nose, ears or groin with a moisturising product recommended by your vet.

Things you should DO AND DON’T DO if your dog is cold


  • Take him out for a walk in the sunshine hours.
  • Put a rain coat on him if it is raining. Dry him well (especially his ears).
  • Offer him a more calorie-rich diet.


  • Don’t cut his fur in winter, you’ll be taking away his natural coat.
  • Don’t let him sleep outside.
  • Do not expose him to draughts.

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