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Best food for a dog over 7 years old

The nutritional needs of our pets change at every stage of their lives. In this article, we will focus on one crucial stage: dogs from 7 years.

Although they are not considered senior dogs, they require a specialised diet that promotes joint care, weight control and supplies them with the vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain their health in optimal condition.

Caring for your dog from 7 years old

From the age of 7, our faithful friends need a diet that addresses their specific vital needs. At Picart Petcare we have designed a unique, veterinarian-formulated food for dogs over 7 years of age: Picart Select Adult 7+ Years, made with chicken and rice and suitable for all breeds.

The benefits of Picart Select Adult 7+ Years

This exceptional food offers a series of benefits that guarantee the well-being of our dog at this stage of his life:

1. Vitality and strong muscles: Picart Select Adult 7+ Years contains a high chicken meat content (32.5%), which contributes to vitality and the maintenance of strong muscles. The quality of the meat and the proteins it provides ensure high digestibility, providing the nutrients necessary for optimal body function.

2. Delicious and palatable: The food is tasty and palatable, ensuring that our dogs enjoy every bite and leave nothing on the plate.

3. Joint care: Ageing can affect our dogs’ joints. That is why Picart Select Adult 7+ Years contains glucosamine, a food supplement that helps to maintain healthy joints, promoting the regeneration and care of cartilage.

4. Strengthening the immune system: The formula includes natural antioxidants such as tomato, capsicum, cranberry, apple and citrus fruits, which provide effective protection for the immune system of our furry friends.

5. Healthy skin and shiny coat: The Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids in Picart Select Adult 7+ Years promote healthy skin and a strong, shiny coat, ensuring that your dog looks healthy inside and out.

6. Gut health: MOS prebiotics block the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and preserve our dog’s intestinal health, ensuring proper digestion and preventing possible gastrointestinal disorders.

These are, broadly speaking, the benefits of Picart Select Adult 7+ Years, a food formulated with the commitment to feed your dog the most natural and healthy food.

If you have a dog over 7 years old, don’t hesitate to give it the care and attention it deserves with Picart Select Adult 7+ Years.
And remember that on our website you will find the Nutritional Search Enginer to choose the food that best suits the specific needs of your faithful partner. Take care of his health and vitality with the best food for this stage of his life!

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