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Consejos para educar a un gato

Al hablar de adiestramiento siempre pensamos en un perro. Tenemos la idea de que un gato siempre va por libre y que no va a hacernos caso si intentamos entrenarlo. Es verdad que los gatos tienen un comportamiento más independiente…

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Is it advisable to neuter a cat?

Many cat owners have these questions about neutering their cats: Should I sterilise my cat? Is neutering the same as castration? When is the best time to sterilise a cat? Are there any contraindications? How much does it cost to…

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The best dog movies

If you were asked which is the most famous dog in film or television, your answer would probably depend on your age. For the older ones, Lassie is a reference in dog movies, while for the middle-aged, it might be…

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Basic commands to teach your dog

A puppy has arrived at home. You have its food bowls, its bed, the best food for it… But, as well as getting used to its new home, the dog will need some behavioural guidelines. Dog training is essential for…

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