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Cats and fur balls

Cats are very clean animals who spend almost a third of their time cleaning themselves so that they shine. His means that they swallow a lot of dead hair, above all in those periods of the year when they are…

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Alimento Para Perros Con Antioxidante Fisiológico

Physiological antioxidants

These act on an internal level within the animal, that is, on a cellular, and are those that contribute to cellular ageing. The SELECT range of products by Picart, incorporates LYCOPROTECT: a complex physiological natural antioxidant. They are 100% natural…

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Natural Cat Food And Dog Food

Welcome to our blog

From Picart Petcare we wish to inform you that we have given our web page a complete overhaul to be closer to you and furnish you with the maximum amount of information on how to care for your dogs and…

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