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Commitment to sustainability

At Picart, we are proud to announce a significant step towards a more sustainable future with the recent opening of our innovative eco-efficient facility. As a leading company in the animal feed sector, we have reinforced our commitment to sustainability, marking an important milestone in our mission to reduce our environmental footprint.

This new facility has been designed from the ground up with a total focus on minimising our impact on the environment. Every aspect has been meticulously planned to prioritise the responsible use of sustainable resources, from initial design through to day-to-day operation.

Energy efficiency is at the heart of our strategy in this eco-efficient facility. We have adopted a smart mix of energy sources, minimising our electricity consumption through the predominant use of natural gas. But most exciting, 70% of our energy comes from solar panels, an initiative that allows us to reduce up to 280 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, making a significant and active contribution to the fight against climate change.

After all, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every corner of this facility. From the exclusive implementation of LED lighting to the use of thermal insulation in all areas. We have also integrated vehicles and electrical devices to optimise our energy consumption.

In addition, we have equipped the machine motors with intelligent drives that regulate their operation according to demand, avoiding any unnecessary waste. This attention to detail and efficiency is complemented by control systems designed to minimise any operational waste.

In summary, these new facilities represent an exceptional standard in sustainability. They reflect our leadership and ongoing commitment to environmental protection. This initiative is not only a business achievement, but also a significant step towards a more sustainable future for all.

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