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Poodle meetup madrid 2024

  • Marketing Picart

Last Saturday, June 22nd, the Bocalan canine center between Aranjuez and Ocaña was the epicenter of an exciting Poodle meetup, attracting around 120 dogs and their enthusiastic owners. Picart was present at the event, showcasing and promoting its Select range, featuring 500-gram and 800-gram bags.

Throughout the day, Picart’s stand offered attendees the opportunity to closely explore the benefits and quality of the Select Mini range, specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of small dogs with its specialized kibble size. In addition to product displays, discount vouchers for Picart products were distributed for purchase at Pet Market stores, promoting access to premium pet food tailored to each furry companion’s individual needs.

Picart’s presence at this meetup not only strengthened ties with Poodle owners but also reaffirmed the brand’s commitment to animal welfare and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle for our four-legged friends. These events are not only opportunities to share knowledge about animal nutrition but also to create meaningful connections within the dog-loving community throughout Spain.

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