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Let’s celebrate International Guide Dog Day together!

On this April 24, we join in the commemoration of International Guide Dog Day, in recognition of the invaluable work that these faithful companions do for the mobility and independence of people with visual difficulties. At Picart, a company committed to the welfare of companion animals, we take this occasion to highlight the various roles played by our canine friends in society.

Since time immemorial, dogs have been at the side of humans, playing roles that go far beyond simple companionship. From guide dogs to archaeological dogs, their contribution is undeniable and worthy of recognition. Training a guide dog can take years, but the results are remarkable. These companions learn to avoid obstacles, obey precise commands and maintain a calm behaviour at all times, thus ensuring the safety and independence of their owners. But dogs do more than just act as guides.

They also act as therapists, providing emotional support to patients in hospitals and rehabilitation centres. As rescuers, being instrumental in search and rescue operations in emergency situations. In addition, our four-legged friends are guardians of security, collaborators with police forces in the detection of drugs and explosives, and allies in the conservation of endangered species. Even in the wine industry and in archaeology, dogs demonstrate their incredible sniffing ability by detecting diseases in grapevines or artefacts buried underground.

At Picart, we understand the importance of proper nutrition for these dogs who play such demanding roles. That is why we strive to offer high quality products that meet their nutritional needs, providing them with the energy and vitality they need to fulfil their daily responsibilities. On this International Guide Dog Day, we pay tribute to all dogs who, with their loyalty, intelligence and courage, make the world a better place. Thank you for being our faithful companions in all facets of life!

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