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Learn more about our Nutribest Adult Chicken and Rice!

In the quest to provide the best nutrition for our canine companions, Nutribest is proud to introduce its renewed product with a new formula: Nutribest Adult Chicken and Rice. This breakthrough in dog food has sparked a great deal of excitement and significant interest among animal lovers. But what makes Nutribest Adult Chiken stand out and position itself as one of the best options for the nutritional care of our beloved four-legged friends?

The first distinguishing factor is the prominent presence of animal protein in Nutribest Adult Chicken. With a significant contribution of chicken meat, this food provides a solid foundation for a balanced and nutritious diet for adult dogs. This approach is evidenced by the fact that 26% of the protein content comes from meat, with this main ingredient being a vital source of essential amino acids, essential for the overall wellbeing and optimal growth of our furry friends.

However, it’s not just about protein. The Nutribest Adult Chicken formula is enriched with natural ingredients, completely free from artificial preservatives and nourished with natural antioxidants to support your dog’s health and vitality. In addition, this new formula includes beneficial plant-based elements such as carob and beet pulp. These ingredients not only provide a rich source of easily digestible fibre, but also supply plant-based proteins to promote optimal intestinal health.

One aspect that stands out within Nutribest’s philosophy is its firm commitment to avoid unnecessary additives in its products. This guarantee ensures that your dog receives only the best, with no superfluous ingredients that could compromise his health and well-being.

In summary, Nutribest Adult Chicken and Rice represents much more than just a dog food; it is the ideal value-for-money choice for those looking to provide exceptional nutrition for their faithful companions. Because we know that our best friends deserve the best, Nutribest is the perfect choice to provide them with quality nutrition.

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