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Exclusive interview with our CEO

  • Marketing Picart

In an exclusive interview with Corresponsables newspaper, our CEO, Joan Icart, has emphasized Picart’s strong commitment to animal welfare, sustainability, and people. Since our foundation in 1953, at Picart, we have maintained a solid reputation in the production of food for dogs and cats, guided by values deeply rooted in corporate social responsibility and quality.

According to our CEO, commitment to family values is fundamental to our company’s philosophy, reflected in our relationships with suppliers, customers, and employees. “We are here to serve the needs of our four-legged friends,” says Icart, highlighting the offering of natural and quality products as a commitment to our customers. Joan also underscores Picart’s commitment to sustainability, evident in our new factory in Llinars del Vallès, a 12-million-euro investment promoting energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction. With a focus on solar energy and advanced technology, the new plant represents a significant milestone in our environmental commitment. Moreover, at Picart, we value our diverse workforce of 35 employees, providing a safe and pleasant working environment. The company also commits to the quality of its products, using high-quality and locally sourced raw materials.

Family management and long-term vision have been pillars of governance at Picart, enabling international expansion to 20 countries and ongoing commitment to innovation and animal welfare. In summary, the interview with our CEO, Joan Icart, highlights Picart’s comprehensive commitment to animal welfare, sustainability, and people, reaffirming our position as a leader in the pet food sector.

If you want to see the full interview (in Spanish), click here.

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