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How to take good care of your senior furry friend

A short time ago we received an enquiry about how to care for a beautiful 12 year old dog. The dog is suffering from age-related conditions: Joint and muscle weakness, difficulty in chewing, decrease in appetite, fragility of the coat…

We advise a change in their diet. For dogs over 7 years of age we have formulated Nutribest Adult 7+, a premium food for the needs of senior dogs:
☀️Adequately sized, low-hardness kibble.
☀️With brewer’s yeast and vitamin B for increased energy and vitality.
☀️Vitamins A and E + copper and selenium to strengthen your immune system.
☀️Omega 3 + 6 to support brain function
Seaweed to keep their skin moisturised and their coat strong and shiny.

Your senior dog deserves all the care you can give him.

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