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Enhance the palatability of Nutribest Cat Adult Sterilised Salmon to meet the most demanding tastes

At Picart, dedication to the health and happiness of our companions is paramount, and today we are thrilled to share exciting news for all cat lovers. We have made a significant improvement in the palatability of our product, Nutribest Cat Adult Sterilised Salmon & Rice, recognizing the exquisite nature of our feline friends and their demand for irresistible flavors.

Cats, known for being selective in their food choices, have inspired our team to perfect the Nutribest Cat Adult Sterilised Salmon & Rice formula. We understand that each kitty is unique, and their refined palate deserves an exceptional culinary experience. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to making careful adjustments to ensure that every bite is a delight. The new formula not only ensures greater palatability but also aligns with our quality standards and commitment to health. The delicacy of salmon, combined with premium ingredients, offers balanced and delicious nutrition for sterilized cats.

At Picart, we understand the importance of providing food choices that meet the specific needs of every furry friend. Sterilization can change cats’ eating habits, and we are committed to adapting to provide solutions that promote their overall well-being. Starting now, the improved version of Nutribest Cat Adult Sterilised Salmon & Rice is available at your trusted stores. We want every cat owner to experience the joy of seeing their cat enjoy every bite, and we believe that this formula improvement will achieve exactly that.

We encourage all cat lovers to explore this new and exciting improvement. Cats deserve the best, and at Picart, we are committed to offering products that not only meet their nutritional needs but also provide a delicious and enjoyable gastronomic experience. At Picart, we are excited about this evolution in our product offering and the opportunity to continue improving the lives of our beloved companions. Discover the new Nutribest Cat Adult Sterilised Salmon & Rice and share the joy of feeding your cat with the best!


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