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Picart Petcare collaborates in Chapuzón en Las Vegas

  • jordi

Picart Petcare recently took part, on the 4th of September, in the charitable event Chapuzón en Las Vegas 2016. The event was held in San Martín de la Vega and was organised by the animal shelter “La Estrella Animal”.

This was a solidarity event in which all in attendance were able to spend an enjoyable day in the fun company of their four-legged friends and which boasted many entertaining displays such as demonstrations of agility, pageant of dogs up for adoption, canine competitions, canine education workshops, raffles and an awards ceremony.  More than 300 dogs were present at the event in the company of their owners.

Picart Petcare and the canine hairdressing salon I Love My Dog in Pinto joined forces in the event, providing gifts for attendees, samples of Select Dog products and discount vouchers for future purchases, along with vouchers for the hairdressing service, dog biscuits and an isotonic drinks devised for dogs.


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