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Picart prepares for the National Breeding Championship 2024!

This weekend, from 20 to 21 April, the Can Pruna venue in Bigues i Riells del Fai will witness the tenth edition of the National Breeding Championship 2024. This event, organised by the Spanish Society of German Shepherd Breeders (SECPA) and backed by Picart as official sponsor, will bring together 90 specimens of this noble breed to highlight their beauty and standard.

The German Shepherd, known for its versatility and loyalty, plays key roles in areas such as rescue operations, drug detection and protection. The championship not only seeks to evaluate the dogs’ physical conformation and temperament, but also to promote responsible breeding and care for these faithful companions. Joan Icart, CEO of Picart, emphasises the importance of ensuring the welfare of German Shepherds, recognising their valuable contribution to people’s lives.

During the event, international judges Rafael Arenillas and Heinz Scheerer will evaluate the participants and award the breeding permit to those dogs that meet the established standard. In addition, tests will be carried out to evaluate aspects such as socialisation, temperament and the ability to perform specific jobs. The National Breeding Championship is not only a competition, but also a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between breeders and amateurs. Manuel Jimenez Muñoz, National Breeding delegate and president of the Catalan delegation of SECPA, stresses the importance of maintaining the breed standard with increasingly healthy and balanced specimens.

Coinciding with the championship, Picart highlights the importance of proper nutrition for dogs, ensuring a balanced and active development. The company is committed to providing high quality products that meet the nutritional needs of these faithful companions. The National Breeding Championship is more than a competition; it is a celebration of passion for dogs and commitment to their welfare. Don’t miss this exciting event in Bigues i Riells and we look forward to celebrating the greatness of German Shepherds!

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