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Do you know that your furry friend needs a special diet? 馃

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That’s right, dogs age just like us and their nutritional needs change over time. It’s important to note that as they age, their muscles and organs become less efficient, which can lead to a decrease in their ability to absorb and use nutrients effectively.

At this stage of their life it is important to provide them with foods that contain the right mix of nutrients, including high quality protein to maintain muscle mass, healthy fats for skin and coat, fibre for good digestion and antioxidants to support healthy cell function.

馃憠馃徏 Picart Select ADULT 7+ YEARS Chicken and Rice is a food specially designed for their nutritional needs. A food formulated with everything your senior dog needs to maintain good health from the age of 7 years. 馃檶馃徏馃悤馃グ

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