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Cat food Select cat
  • Can 100g


Select Cat Wet Adult

Complete pet-food for adult cats, cereal free.

Select Cat Wet Adult is a formula with a nutritional profile for adult cats with moderate activity, from aged 12 months onwards, with 70% meat and cereal free. Its freshness and the quality of its ingredients give the product an unmatchable taste.

70% MEAT

+ 29% Stock = 99% of the Product


The new Select Cat Wet Adult formula incorporates fresh ingredients of the highest standard, provided by local suppliers.


Select Cat Wet Adult contains fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 with the aim of fostering healthy skin and a shiny coat.

How to use

Serve at room temperature. For medium-sized cats, 2-4 tins per day.

Additives (per kg)

Vitamin D3: 200 UI., Vitamin E: 30 UI., Zinc: 15 mg, Manganese: 3 mg; Iodine: 0.75 mg, Selenium: 0.03 mg, Taurine: 1,500 mg, Cassia Gum: 1,000 mg.


70% Meat and Meat by-products (35% Chicken), 28.9% Broth, 1% Minerals, Oils and Fats (0.1% Sunflower oil).

Analytical Components

Protein: 10.7%, Fat: 6.3%, Ash: 2.4%, Fibre: 0.4%, Moisture: 79%.


Keep the product packaging in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight and overbearing odours.

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