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Picart Select

Complete petfood for puppies up to two months of age, and expectant mothers during the last third of pregnancy and while nursing.

It is an antioxidant superior formula, very complete, to help in the prevention of the wear of the organism and the oxidation of the cells. Its continued use favours the protection of defenses and the immune system, to get their daily requirement.

Ideal composition for the first months of life and the puppies growth, indicated also for the pregancy and the breast feeding.

Specially developed for satisfying the most demanding needs of the dog’s world professionals.




Chicken meal. 1st ingredient.High digestibility and palatability. High quality proteins. Excelent level of unsaturated fatty acid. Low level of inorganic matter.
White rice and Brown riceSource of starch. Slow-absorbing carbohydrates. Brown rice contents more fibre and protein rather than white rice. The combination of both is ideal.
Chicken fatSource of essential fatty acids. Very tasty and the best texture for the croquette.
Beet PulpRich source of energy and fibre. Protective effect on the gut flora.
Fish oil (100% Salmon)Source of Omega 3. It acts positively on the oxygenation of the cells, physical activity, anti-inflammatory effect (gut- joints), and for healthy skin and coat.
YeastsIntestinal health. Natural source and very rich in Vitamine B. Rich in Nucleotides that aid the rapid reproduction of the cells and its regeneration.
MOS & FOS PrebioticsHealthy human gastrointestinal microbiota (gut bacteria), that protects against viruses and bacterias.
Tomato, Pepper, Citrus, Apple, Green Tea, Cranberry, Beta-glucans, Sage, Goji berry.Antioxidant effect. With natural immune boost ingredients. Provide the body with protection.
KrillLittle crustaceans very similar to the river shrimp, very rich in phospholipid and astaxanthin. Anti-inflammatory effect reinforced and immune boost ingredients.
L-CarnitineIncreases the dog athletic performance and vitality. Convert energy into protein and muscle.
Glucosamine, Chondroitine, MSM and Green Lipped MusselDietary supplement with anti-inflammatory effect. Help to promote the regeneration of cartilage, muscular tiredness and articular pain.
Optimal balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (5:1) Krill, fish oil, extra chelated minerals, Zinc and Biotine, for healthy skin and coat. Lower incidence in the hair loss and hair dryness - dandruff.
With Chelated MineralsMajor bioavailabitly and effective use of the ingredients.
Vitamin AEssential for the eyesight, skin and coat.
Vitamin DFor strong bones, to facilitate calcium in the bone. 
Vitamin CProtecting cells from oxidation and neutralizing free radicals in the body. 
Organic Zinc and Vitamin EFor joint inflammation and stiffness.


Chicken meal (39%), White rice, Chicken Fat (13.7%), Brown rice, Beet pulp, Yeasts, Hydrolysed chicken (1.5%), Fish oil, Minerals, Tomato powder, Krill, Pimiento extract, Prebiotic MOS & FOS, Yucca extract, Green Tea, Apple, Cranberry, Beta-glucans, Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin Sulphate, Green-Lipped Mussel, Mint, Blueberry, Elderberry, Goji berry, Ginger, Sage, Fenugreek seed, Rosemary extract.

Analytical constituents

Crude Protein
Oils & Fats%21
Crude Fibres%2
Crude Ash%7

Daily feeding recommendation

Puppy Weight (kg)123510152030
For puppies from weaning until two months oldg5389121178299405502681
Mothers Weight (kg)1-5+5-10+10-20+20-30+30-40+40
Pregnant mothers (last 5 weeks)g+50-180+180-310+310-550+550-770+770-970+970
Lacting females*g+70-290+290-710+710-1,350+1,350-1,980+1,980-2,580+2,580

*Based on an average lactation of 4 puppies. Increase the amount by 30% for each additional puppy.

Nutritional additives

Vitamin AUI/kg25,714
Vitamin D3UI/kg2,057
Vitamin EUI/kg136
Vitamin Cmg/kg13
Copper, as copper sulphate pentahydratemg/kg5.7
Copper, as copper chelate of amino acid hydratemg/kg5.7
Zinc, as zinc sulphate monohydratemg/kg91.4
Zinc, as zinc chelate of amino acid hydratemg/kg66.6
Manganese, as manganese sulphate monohydratemg/kg9.1
Manganese, as manganese hydrate of amino acid hydratemg/kg4.6
Iron, as iron sulphate monohydratemg/kg22.9
Iodine, as postassium iodate anhydrousmg/kg1.7
Selenium, as sodium selenitemg/kg0.23
Selenium, as selenomethionine produced from Saccharomyces cerivisiae (3b 8.11)mg/kg0.11

The daily servings that appear in this chart are approximate. Optimal feeding amounts vary with age, activity level and lifestyle. Do not change your pet’s food suddenly. Introduce Select Professional progressively over a one week period. Always keep fresh water near their feeding bowl. 

Recommendation: Store the product in a cool, dry place, far away from direct sunlight and from aggressive odours. 



All Picart products are produced in our Factory in Sant Pere de Vilamajor – Barcelona (Spain).

Product produced in the EU. No animal tested.

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