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Complete and Balanced Pet-Food

Our pets give us the best of themselves without expecting anything in return and this is what makes them so special. As a result, we cannot help caring for them and giving them our deepest affection, protection and a diet as to ensure their wellbeing.

Megabone is a complete and balanced Pet-Food that provides all of the basic nutrients for the health of your dog or cat, so that they can grow and live healthy and happily.

The acknowledged quality of the products provided by Picart is the result of the careful selection and quality control of the ingredients used, as well as the constant incorporation of technological and scientific advancements in the field of animal feed research.

Finally, all of this working process is developed with the maximum respect and consideration for the environment.

Our Megabone Products:

Choose the Megabone variety that best suits the needs of your dog or cat, from amongst the available varieties.

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