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The Picart Select DIET range is comprised of four products:


Select Diet HYPOALLERGENIC is a formula low in allergenic elements made from few ingredients, not often used in pet-food.


Digestive ailments in dogs may arise from a variety of causes and lead to a number of clinical symptoms. Select Veterinary Diets Gastrointestinal is a highly-digestible specialist range. Developed for those animals who have delicate digestive systems or slight gastrointestinal issues.

Joint & Mobility

Picart Select Diet MOBILITY is a product specially devised to help dogs that suffer from articulation issues, and also to prevent possible joint problems for high-activity dogs.

Skin & Coat

Dogs with skin problems need a diet that can cope with the most frequent challenges faced by canine dermatology, such as Select Veterinary Diets Skin & Coat.

Functional ingredients for specific health needs


Picart Select Diet RENAL is indicated to support renal function in case of chronic renal insufficiency. It also helps to reduce the formation of oxalate stones.


Picart Select Diet URINARY is indicated for the nutritional management of inorganic phosphate stones (struvite), contributing both to their dissolution in case they exist, and to the prevention of their appearance in susceptible animals.

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