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Our range of products

Natural formula for small breed dogs.
Animal monoprotein. No gluten.

Natural Nutrition · New medium and maxi advanced formula

Veterinary approved diets to tackle the most common ailments.

Pamper him with Picart SELECT ExtraCare. Very appetizing, healthy and natural.

Natural ingredients, hand-picked for the wellbeing of your pet.

Complete and balanced petfood.

Nutritional effectiveness · High performance

Nutritional Search Engine

Find the most suitable Picart Petcare product for your pet, depending on its age, breed or condition.

What our customers say

Hello, it’s the first time I’ve seen this web site. I want to say that I’ve been using this dog food for a week for my three-month-old Cocker, I don’t know if it’s all in my mind but her coat seems shinier and she loves eating it, she is always asking me for more.

So I felt I needed to share my experience. They weren’t exaggerating when they recommended it, and it is well priced which is also important.

Dimitra Kourikou

I’ve just tried your product on my dogs and they love it. They’re mad for it, I hadn’t seen it before but now you have another new customer.

David Cano

I’ve been giving this feed to my cat for the last two years. I’ve seen a remarkable change in her health: she is stronger and more full of life, her coat is shinier, incredible… Even her mood is different! You should see how she leaps about when I show her the packet. I must say that this brand is somewhat more expensive than others on the market, though the truth is that it is of an exceptional quality and this makes up for it. Above all because she is tiny and doesn’t eat a lot.  😉

Eddie Baddie

Why choose Picart Petcare?

All of our products are formulated by vets with wide-ranging professional experience. Furthermore, we are demanding with our suppliers of ingredients, we only work with those suppliers who can offer us the highest standards.

The kilómetro 0 range, also known as locally produced goods or short-chain products, are those which are manufactured and markets in a local manner. In this way the ecological impact is lessened and the products reach consumers fresher.

The key is in the close-knit bond between producer and consumer.

We are not just animal lovers, moreover dogs and cats are our best friends. We share everything with them. For this reason we want the best for them, and the beast means of doing this is by taking care of the health and wellbeing through their diet.

The high standard of our products can be easily seen after just a few weeks of feeding your dog or cat with Picart’s Superpremium and Premium ranges. Your pet’s good physical shape and overall physical appearance will bear witness to this.

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