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How does the sun affect cats?

As cat lovers, you may have noticed that cats often spend the winter in the sun or near objects that provide them with warmth. This is because the sun is beneficial for cats, as it helps them to obtain vitamin D, which is essential for their bones and the prevention of osteoporosis. This vitamin has anti-depressant properties and brings many benefits to their bodies. However, they do not get most of their vitamin D directly from the sun, but through their food. It is crucial to choose the best food for your cat, balanced to meet their nutritional needs.

Cats’ need for warmth

Cats need warmth to sleep, as during sleep their body temperature drops and they seek to compensate for that loss of heat. Although short-haired cats need more warmth than long-haired cats, all cats seek heat sources, especially in winter.

Summer precautions

During the summer, it is important to avoid exposing cats to direct sunlight to prevent burns to the tips of their ears, muzzle, pads and belly, which are not protected by their fur. It is therefore advisable to provide cool, well-ventilated shelters and to ensure that they always have access to clean, fresh water.

To keep the water cool, it is recommended to change it twice a day to prevent it from overheating or becoming dirty. You can also choose to add an ice cube or buy a fountain that keeps the water in constant circulation, keeping it cool all day long.

Other ways to refresh your cat

You can bathe your cat to help regulate its body temperature and keep it cool, especially during the hottest part of the day. Brushing your cat and trimming some of the hair on his back or belly can help, as he will feel cooler as he stretches out on the floor.

During the summer, you will make your cat very happy if you allow him to drink tap water, as he knows that it always comes out fresh and clean, making it a real pleasure for him. If you don’t want to cut his fur, you can freshen his armpits, pads, chin and belly.

In summary, sun and heat play a crucial role in the well-being of cats, but it is essential to take steps to protect them from the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure and to ensure that they are well hydrated and comfortable during the summer.

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