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Specific range of spay and neuter food for cats
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Select Cat Wet Sterilised

Complete pet-food for sterilised adult cats, cereals free.

Select Cat Wet Sterilised is specially formulated to cover the needs of sterilised cats. Its composition helps to main suitable health and weight for cats who have lower energy requirements than non-sterilised adult cats.

70% MEAT

+ 29% Stock = 99% of the Product


Specifically designed so that your cat receives a lower calorific intake whilst covering its needs in terms of proteins and vitamins.


Thanks to its reduced phosphorous content and nutritional additives, it is formulated to prevent the formation of urinary stones.

How to use

Serve at room temperature. For medium-sized cats, 2-4 tins per day.

Additives (per kg)

Vitamin D3: 200 UI., Vitamin E: 30 UI., Zinc: 15 mg, Manganese: 3 mg, Iodine: 0.75 mg, Selennium: 0.03 mg, Taurine: 1,500 mg, Cassia Gum: 1,000 mg.


70% Meat and Meat by-products (30% Beef, 30% Poultry), 28.6% Broth, 1% Minerals, Oils and Fats (0.1% Salmon oil), 0.1% DL-Methionin, 0.1% L-Carnitin, 0.1% L-Lysin.

Analytical Components

Protein: 10.2%, Fat: 4.9%, Ash: 2.2%, Fibre: 0.3%, Moisture: 79%, Phosphor: 0.2%, Natrium: 0.2%.


Keep the product packaging in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight and overbearing odours.

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