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  1. They need to be fed with products that provide them with a high % of quality animal protein. Unlike dogs, most of the calorie intake they need comes from animal proteins.
  2. They require a special taurine supplement, an essential amino acid that the cat cannot produce itself from food.
  3. They have a tendency to not drink enough water, which means they produce highly concentrated urine, leading to a higher risk of urine crystals and bladder stones.
  4. Due to their daily ritual of cleaning and grooming, they are accustomed to ingesting hair, which causes hairballs to develop in their stomach.
  5. They are very fussy with their food and the water they drink, which must be clean and fresh. They like a varied diet
  • High percentage of protein to adequately cover daily energy needs. The main sources of animal protein are chicken, salmon and trout, egg and plasma, all of which are of high biological value because of the amount of protein they provide and their content of essential amino acids.
  • High-quality ingredients that are guaranteed to be used efficiently and converted into the required nutrients.
  • With egg, the number one ingredient for providing protein of the highest biological value (the second is chicken). It provides large amounts of essential amino acids, high quality saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamins D and E.
  • With plasma, which helps improve the immune system and intestinal functions. It will provide highly beneficial functional proteins throughout the life of your cat.
  • Promotes a healthy urinary system. Control and balance of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, to minimize their excretion in urine. Other ingredients from vegetable proteins also help to moderate the acidity level of urine (between 6 – 6.5 pH) by preventing the formation of crystals, thanks to their high content of sulphur amino acids, such as methionine and cystine.
  • Vegetable fibre (pea fibre) to support the intestinal motility of hair balls and to help them be partially eliminated in faeces, minimising the need for regurgitation.
  • Chelated minerals. In addition to including minerals required for good health, they are also included in their chelated form, to ensure nutrients are used as efficiently as possible through the bloodstream.
  • With white rice , a slow-releasing carbohydrate.
  • Gluten-free and GMO-free. No soy, corn or wheat. No colourings.
  • With natural antioxidants. Tocopherols are natural plant-based antioxidants that stabilise fats and prevent their oxidation.
  • With added taurine, which supports eye and heart functions.
  • The malt extract and plasma make this food particularly palatable and appetising, giving it a delicious taste that cats love. Furthermore, the inclusion of hydrolysed chicken provides an even better final result: delicious food that is rich in nutrients.
  • With Vitamin A and Zinc, for healthy skin, fur and mucous membranes.
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