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What is the best petfood for puppies?

For the first few weeks of their lives, puppies feed on their mother’s breast milk. A fact that reminds us that, deep down, they are very similar to human babies, although much more autonomous! But what happens next? What is the best and most natural food for a puppy?

A puppy’s diet goes through several phases from birth: first, its only source of food is its mother’s breast milk, then a puppy food until 2 months old, and then a food suitable for its breed, age, weight and physical condition, which can vary throughout its life to adapt as best as possible to its nutritional needs at each stage. At we have a practical nutritional search engine that will guide you to the best food for your dog, depending on its breed and age.

Perhaps one of the most crucial moments in a puppy’s feeding is the transition from its mother’s milk to solid food, that is why Picart Select Puppy STARTER Chicken and Rice is the best option: it is a complete food with chicken and rice, formulated to meet all the puppy’s needs from weaning to 2 months of age. And as they are easy to rehydrate croquettes, you can obtain a nutritious and appetising porridge, very easy to chew, perfect for moving from liquid to solid food in a progressive and much more natural way for the puppy.

How to get a puppy used to its new food?

Picart Select Puppy STARTER

is also the best food for pregnant mums, for whom it is a complete, natural and very suitable food during the last third of their pregnancy and during the period they are nursing their puppies. So, in reality, the puppy will already have been receiving the nutrients from the same food while in its mother’s womb, with the same nutritional guarantees. It is just that from weaning onwards it will be fed up to 4 times a day.

Picart Select Puppy STARTER has everything a puppy needs, not only to live and breathe, but also to develop its muscles and bones, growing in a healthy way into an adult dog.

Why is Picart Select Puppy Starter the best food for your puppy?

Here are all the benefits for your puppy of feeding him with Picart Select Puppy STARTER, whether for the health of the organism, to increase its defences or to have healthy hair and skin.

What are the benefits of this natural food for my dog?

  • It contains 54% chicken and high biological value proteins to ensure health and well-being.
  • Its balanced blend of amino acids promotes the development of your dog’s muscles.
  • Its optimal ratio of calcium to phosphorus (1.5:1) and vitamin D ensures strong, healthy bones and teeth.
  • The prebiotic MOS ensures good digestion and intestinal health.
  • The nucleotide-rich yeast ensures proper gastrointestinal maturation.
  • Rosemary extract and yucca reduce unpleasant gas.
  • Vitamin C strengthens the immune system.
  • Its ingredients (apple, Goji berries, tomato, pepper, citrus fruits, elderberry, blueberry…) strengthen the puppy’s immune system.
  • Glucosamine contributes to joint health.
  • Organic zinc and vitamin E prevent joint inflammation and stiffness.
  • The omega 6:omega 3 ratio is 5:1, thanks to fish oil and chelated zinc, for healthy skin and coat.

What amount of Picart Select Puppy STARTER should I give my dog?

Here is an approximate table of how many grams a puppy or mum should eat per day. But it’s always best to check with your vet for the most appropriate amounts for your pet.

Two more tips: always leave clean water within your dog’s reach and keep his food in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from aggressive smells that could affect its taste.

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