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10 sure-fire tricks to cool down a dog in hot weather

A constant and insistent panting, a dripping tongue, wet nose and pads… if you detect these symptoms in your dog, chances are that he is hot.

And our pets suffer from the high summer temperatures, just like us. There are many tricks to make them more comfortable and cooler, and some of them will surprise you because they are exactly the opposite of what you expected.

Refrigerated beds, ice cream for dogs or small changes in their diet will help your dog spend the hottest days of the year better.

10 easy tricks to cool down a dog

The advice we offer you in this post is varied. Some of them refer to the care you can give your dog, both in terms of hygiene and feeding or routines. Others are gadgets that will help your dog withstand the heat and that you probably didn’t even know existed.

  1. Refrigerated mattress. Yes, yes, as you read. These are mats or beds with a non-toxic gel inside that automatically cools down by absorbing your pet’s body heat. You don’t have to put it in the fridge or freezer, and it doesn’t run on electricity.
  2. Their own swimming pool. Many dogs enjoy swimming in water. So, if you have the option for space in your home, you can install a pool for your dog. They are made of very resistant and non-slip materials, most of them are foldable and measure 30 cm high and between 120 and 160 cm in diameter. A bath in the river or on the beach is also a good alternative if you don’t have space for a pool.
  3. Freshen up key areas. Wetting your dog’s coat is not always the best idea to cool him down. There are specific areas of his body that are much more effective at lowering his body temperature. If you wet or dampen his belly, paw pads and the inside of his ears with cold water, taking care not to get water in his ears, you will help him cope better with the heat.
  4. In the shade all day. This can be a tree, an umbrella or a corner of the house that you know is kept in the shade. It is important that the dog can get out of the sun when he is outdoors. And as the sun moves throughout the day, you should make sure he has a shady spot in the morning and a shady spot in the afternoon.
  5. Ice cubes in the water. Does drinking “hot” water cool you down? Well, neither does your pet. So make sure he always has clean water at his disposal and, whenever possible, cool it down with ice cubes. It’s also important to have a portable water bowl for when you take him out for a walk. Keeping him hydrated is essential.
  6. Walking time. You may need to change the time of outings and walks a little. To avoid peak sunshine hours, go out early in the morning and delay the evening walk. The outing will be much more pleasant for both of you.
  7. Cutting the hair, yes or no? Although it may seem to you that the hair gives your dog heat, this is not the case. On the contrary, the hair is a protection against heat, and leaving the dog’s skin uncovered could be a problem. In any case, ask your vet about it, he will be able to give you an appropriate answer. What is recommended is to brush the dog often, to remove dead hair that has no function.
  8. Let the air circulate. If you leave your dog home alone, leave a window ajar and try to get some air circulation or cross ventilation. If you can’t, a small fan or even air conditioning set to run from time to time will make your dog feel more comfortable.
  9. What about food? You can try alternating his regular food with wet (canned) food, which has a higher percentage of water and is likely to help him get through the heat. Find out what is the best natural food, both wet and dry, to feed your dog.
  10. Travelling in comfort. If you are going on a car journey with your dog, try to ensure that he has his own space, that the air inside the car is fresh and that the interior temperature is cool. Keep the volume of the music down and drive gently, all of which can increase stress for your dog and add to the negative effects of the heat.

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