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Dogs for children. Which breeds are the most suitable?

Having a dog is the desire of the majority of children. In a dog, children see a friend to play with, a faithful companion who adores you unconditionally, a pet that gives you affection and companionship… But a dog is all that and much more.

The dog will be one of the family (and this is not a cliché, legally it is) and taking care of it is a great responsibility: that is healthy, well fed, complying with the regulations of the town where we live (chips, census, taxes…).

On the other hand, many studies have shown that having a dog is very positive for people and especially for children, as it helps to educate them in important values such as loyalty, companionship, fidelity, responsibility, etc. This member of the family has to be fed, taken for walks, groomed, taken to the vet… Having the children take care of some of these tasks is a good apprenticeship.

The best dog breeds for living with children

We will be looking for dogs with a patient and tolerant temperament, that are affectionate, protective, sweet, cheerful and respectful, and that like to play and share time with the family. These are the 6 dog breeds that are ideal for living with children, as they meet all these requirements:

The quietest and most familiar
Golden Retriever are very intelligent and affectionate, calm and relaxed dogs. They are very patient and family-oriented, so they will put up with children’s aplayfulness without complaint. Their temperament is very reliable. This breed, originally from Scotland, is obedient and adapts easily to the routines set for it.

The most tender and joyful
Beagles are a breed of medium and small dogs originally from the UK. Very sociable and friendly with children, they are playful, affectionate and can live with other pets without any problem. They are very active and love to be cuddled.

The most peaceful
Basset Hound is a friendly and calm dog, although a bit stubborn. He needs good training to get him to listen, but he is sociable and gets on well with other pets. This medium sized dog, originally from France, has no mood swings and does not usually bark or growl.

The most tolerant
Pug o Carlino is a small sized dog, ideal for small flats with children. This breed, coming from China, is very happy and affectionate with all the members of the family. Very cuddly, he likes to be the centre of attention and is very easy to train.

The most playful
Cocker Spaniel is a medium sized dog with a calm character but also loves to play, is cheerful and respectful. An excellent and tireless companion perfect for homes with children. It is a breed from Wales, although its origins are Spanish.

The most affectionate
Bichon Frisé is a small sized dog, perfect for living in a small flat. He is a very active, cheerful and tireless breed and loves to be in the company of the family. Intelligent, sweet, affectionate and responsive, he is a very sociable dog. His origin is European, although it is not clear whether he comes from France or Spain.

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