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How often should a dog be wormed?

The answer to this question depends on several factors.

  1. Dogs age
  2. Its lifestyle (a dog living in a natural environment, surrounded by forest or countryside, is more likely to have external parasites).
  3. The chosen deworming method.

However, it is also important to take into account the types of parasites that a dog may have, which are of two types and each requires specific treatment::

  • Internal parasites: those that affect the dog’s internal organs, such as intestinal worms, lungworms or heartworms.
  • External parasites: fleas and ticks are the most common. Also the mosquito, which can cause Leishmaniosis, among others.

How to deworm a dog according to its age?

If the dog is a puppy. In the first days of life, the vet should administer the appropriate products to deworm the dog. The first deworming is usually done at 15 days of age and is internal. Puppies should not be dewormed externally until 2 months of age, unless fleas or ticks are detected. The initial deworming of a puppy consists of several phases, usually repeated every 15 days until the puppy is 3 months old. But, we repeat, this process must be controlled and guided by a veterinarian

If the dog is an adult. Internal deworming should be carried out every 3 months or so. External deworming will depend on the type of product chosen, but the time range is between every month and every 6 months.

What kind of products are available to deworm a dog?

Internal deworming. It is best to use chewable tablets and pills that protect the dog, so that they can eliminate them through their faeces and their organs are completely clean.

External deworming. To protect the dog from external parasites there are several products:

  • Pipettes: these are the most commonly used to combat external parasites and are a liquid product that is placed on the upper part of the dog’s neck, so that it cannot reach it and remove it. It is then massaged into the area so that it can be spread over the rest of the body. It is advisable to use it every month, especially when spring and summer are approaching. In winter, depending on the case, it can be spaced out every two or three months, if you have another prevention system such as anti-parasite collars.
  • Collars. They have active ingredients to prevent or remove fleas and ticks (some last up to 6 months) and even combat the Leishmaniosis mosquito. Sometimes it is advisable to complement it with the use of pipettes.
  • Shampoos. There are also anti-flea shampoos, which serve as a complementary method to the other anti-parasite products.
  • Spray. This is used to eliminate fleas and ticks on the spot, when they are already deposited on the animal’s body.

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