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We updated our NutriBest

Introducing the renewed Nutribest range, Picart’s family of High Premium quality products for your pet.

At Picart we have always believed in providing a complete and balanced diet for dogs and cats. Our products are made with natural ingredients that keep your pets’ health in perfect condition, allowing them to lead an active and happy life.

Why are we upgrading an already quality product?

Nutribest goes from being a premium range to a High Premium range. At Picart, we are constantly seeking excellence in our products and we are committed to offering the best to our customers and their beloved furry friends. That is why we have committed ourselves to the ambitious project of reworking the Nutribest formula. And if we’re going to improve the content, why not the container? This is how the new look of the range was born, a total restyling of the packaging. Our aim: to make Nutribest as good for your furry friend as it is attractive for you.

Picart High Premium Quality Food for your furry friend

The new NutriBest is a complete and balanced food, made with ingredients of natural origin, duly identified on the pack, which has increased its quantity of chicken, lamb or salmon, essential proteins that maintain the health of your dog or cat in perfect condition, helping them to lead an active and happy life. The entire NutriBest range is formulated with meat and rice, ensuring (improved) palatability and high digestibility.

What is the highlight of the New Nutribest Formula?

The main ingredient in Nutribest is quality protein from chicken, lamb, Iberian pork or salmon, depending on the variety. The other ingredients in the formula are equally natural, including plant foods and natural antioxidants. The Nutribest formula is free from soya and genetically modified foods.

Nutribest’s reformulation is based on the TRIPLE FORCE concept, which means it provides everything needed to strengthen your pet’s health in three key areas: its skin and coat, its immune defences and its vitality. These are the benefits you get:

  1. Healthy skin and coat: contains omega-3 fatty acids from salmon oil to help maintain a healthy skin and coat
  2. Defences: with Vitamins A and E, which together with the trace elements Copper and Selenium, are essential for the optimal defence of the immune system.
  3. Vitality: the Nutribest range has been carefully designed to help keep your friend active and healthy.

New Flavours, New Experiences!

In addition to renewing the Nutribest range, we are launching two new varieties to offer more product choice and to stay ahead of trends in the pet food market.

These are the new launching:

Nutribest Puppy Sensitive with Salmon and Rice

At Picart we understand the value of feeding your faithful companion high quality ingredients from a young age, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in our Nutribest Puppy Sensitive Salmon and Rice. Now you can feed your puppy salmon as a source of protein from a young age, in case he prefers it to other flavours or if you want to give him an alternative protein.

Nutribest Adult with Iberian Pork

If your dog has a discerning palate, the new Nutribest Adult Iberian Pork is perfect for your dog’s diet and expectations. It is a complete food with Iberian pork and rice for adult dogs. Every bite is carefully prepared with natural and nutritious ingredients that will make him jump for joy.

Want to know which Nutribest variety best suits your friend’s needs? Here’s the full Nutribest range. You’ll find each variety in different formats so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Don’t wait any longer to give your companion the food it deserves. Trust the quality of Picart to give him a HEALTHY, COMPLETE AND BALANCED FOOD. Make mealtime the most exciting time of the day with the new Nutribest! And if you would like more information, please find our contact below 👇

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