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Activities to enjoy autumn with your dog

Autumn is an ideal time of year to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog. We still have plenty of daylight hours and the temperature is more comfortable than in summer and winter. It’s a great time for outdoor activities with your dog and the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of doing sport together, don’t you think?

Keep in mind that physical activity is a source of emotional and physical well-being for your dog. Dogs not only need to eat and sleep during the day, their quality of life also depends on going for walks, playing, having fun with us and enjoying nature. All these activities provide them with physical fitness and mental well-being. In addition, physical activity helps to avoid overweight, caused by a more sedentary lifestyle, and to compensate for the anxiety of the times when he is left alone at home.

Keep your dog active

At Picart, we believe it is extremely important to keep our dogs in good physical and mental shape, and for this reason we would like to share some ideas to help you make the most of the autumn months with your dog.

1. Hiking trails.

One of the best ways to enjoy autumn is to explore nature with your dog. Hiking in the mountains is an excellent option. Not only will you be looking after their physical well-being, but you’ll also strengthen your bond as you enjoy the autumn landscape.

2. Canicross.

If you like to go running, we advise you to do it with your best friend. Canicross is the perfect activity for you and your dog. With the mild autumn temperatures, it’s the perfect time to run together. This activity will not only keep you both fit, but will also encourage an active and balanced lifestyle in harmony with nature.

3. “Dog Talent” activities.

Dog Talent activities are a fun way to stimulate your dog and work on their skills. Dog Dancing is one of the most popular options, but there are many other activities you can explore. These activities not only promote exercise, but also strengthen your bond and provide fun times together.

4. Agility.

Agility is a sport that requires coordination and agility from both dog and owner. If you are looking for an activity to strengthen your bond with your dog, this could be the perfect choice. Working together on agility obstacles will not only give you an intense physical workout, but will also challenge your minds. It’s an ideal hobby to share with your beloved friend.

5. Dog Jumping o Dog Diving.

If your dog is a water lover, dog jumping or dog diving is an exciting activity. It consists of throwing objects into the water for your dog to catch them. This activity is perfect for warmer autumn days. Make sure your dog is comfortable in the water and enjoy this exciting experience together.

In summary, physical exercise, respecting rest times, hydrating our dog and recovering his strength with a good diet will allow us to continue enjoying unforgettable moments with him and build great moments of friendship. And, if you have a particularly active dog, check its diet to provide it with the right food for its level of activity.

We hope you found the article interesting and don’t hesitate to comment if you have more ideas for this autumn, we’d love to hear about them!

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