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Which are the most fun toys for your cat?

Every cat has its own preferences when it comes to play, and, like children, they often enjoy simplicity in their entertainment, such as a cardboard box or a ball.

It is crucial to understand what arouses your feline’s curiosity and interest in order to know how to entertain him. Here are a few tips:

Ping-pong balls

These small, light balls that move with great facility at the slightest touch are perfect for cats. With dexterity in their paws, they go crazy chasing after them when they see them bounce and jump.

Feather dusters

Felines love soft feathers, they remind them of birds and provide them relief. If you have a feather duster, it will be one of their favourite toys, they will try to catch it and make it theirs. A similar thing happens with balls of wool, although sometimes their claws get caught and they decide to give up the game.


Cardboard boxes are a great distraction for cats. They are versatile, allowing them to hide, sleep, move around and sharpen their nails. They can spend days entertaining themselves with them.

Toy dams

Use small toy prey, such as mice, to preserve their hunting instinct. You can display them as they are or hang them on a string to give them movement – they’ll love it!

Hanging seats

In addition to hiding and playing, cats like ropes and hanging elements, such as a seat just for them. They will love having a place of their own to swing, hang or sharpen their nails.


This catnip is used by cats for eating, relaxation and even pleasure. It can be part of their play, giving them access to the plant when they need it.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to entertain your cat. Pay attention to the items you have at home or choose those that really spark his interest. Alternating toys, introducing them a little at a time rather than all at once, will allow him to enjoy them gradually and focus on each one.

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