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Guide to successfully changing your cat’s diet

There are many reasons why we may decide to change our cat’s food. The reasons for this decision may be different; whether it is a vet’s recommendation to control weight or other digestive or skin factors, or a new food may go hand in hand with changes in the life cycle of our friend. In either case, we will choose the best cat food to provide the greatest well-being. Whatever the reason, it is essential to do this gradually to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

How to make the power change?

1. Gradual transition:

Cats are picky eaters, so changing their diet suddenly can cause digestive discomfort and dislike of the new food. Try a gradual transition over approximately 7 days to minimise discomfort. If the cat has problems with acceptance, this process may be lengthened.

2. Transition method:

Gradually mix the new food with the old food in a percentage pattern:

  • First and second day: 20% new, 80% old.
  • Third and fourth day: 40% new, 60% old.
  • Fifth and sixth day: 60% new, 40% old.
  • Day 7: 100% new.

Tips to make the process easier:

Encouragement for acceptance:
Pre-feeding play can increase appetite and facilitate acceptance of the new food. 15-20 minutes of play before each feeding can be helpful.

From wet to dry food:
If the change from a wet food to a dry food, the difference in taste and texture is more pronounced. Some recommendations to facilitate this process are to moisten the kibble with warmer water or to mix the wet food with the dry food.

In summary, changing a cat’s diet is a common practice, whether for medical reasons, specific dietary needs at each stage of life or simply because you want to give them the best cat food, such as Picart’s Select Cat range.

Select Cat features :

  1. Adapted nutrition: Designed to meet your cat’s nutritional needs at every stage of life.
  2. Quality ingredients: Made with selected ingredients for a balanced and healthy diet.
  3. Special needs: Specialised formulas for adult cats, babies, cats with digestive problems, weight control, skin and coat care, urinary tract, among others.

By following these recommendations and opting for Picart’s Select Cat range, you will be providing a new diet in an easy and simple way, something your cat will thank you for in the future!

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