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My puppy is a biter

Congratulations on the arrival of your new puppy! However, you may be facing a common challenge: constantly chewing on everything in sight! This behaviour, although natural, can be frustrating for pet owners. But why do puppies chew so much and what can you do about it?

Why do puppies bite?

The act of biting is a natural phase of a puppy’s development. Puppies explore the world with their mouths, just as babies do with their hands. In addition, during teething, biting can relieve the discomfort of having new teeth growing in.

Play also plays a crucial role in a puppy’s life. Chewing is a form of play for them, and is how they interact with their siblings and discover their physical limits. Finally, boredom can lead to excessive chewing behaviour, as puppies need constant mental and physical stimulation.

What can you do to manage biting behaviour?

  1. Provide appropriate toys: Offer a variety of chew toys designed specifically for puppies. Soft-textured or frozen toys can help alleviate teething discomfort.
  2. Redirect his attention: When your puppy begins to chew on something inappropriate, redirect his attention to an adequate toy. Reward and praise when he chews on the toy instead of other objects.
  3. Train firmly but lovingly: Use a firm but gentle tone to teach him that biting is not OK. If he bites, say “no” in a calm but firm manner and offer the right toy.
  4. Stimulation and exercise: Make sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Playing with him, going for walks and teaching him tricks will help channel his energy and reduce boredom.
  5. Time-out: If the puppy persists in biting inappropriately, consider using the time-out technique. Stop interacting with him for a few minutes to show that biting hard stops the fun.
  6. See a professional: If the behaviour persists or becomes aggressive, seek the help of a professional trainer or veterinarian to evaluate if there are underlying problems.

Patience and consistent management of biting behaviour in puppies is key. It is a learning process for them and for you. Over time, with love, training and a focus on redirecting their attention, your puppy will learn what is and isn’t OK when it comes to biting.

The chewing phase is just one part of the exciting journey of raising a puppy. With time and proper care, you’ll see your furry companion grow into a well-behaved and well-loved member of your family. And to help him get through this phase happily and healthily, remember that at Picart we make food specifically for puppies: up to 2 months we recommend Picart Select Puppy Starter, for the months that follow up to 12 months we have a range of products suitable for the size of your dog’s breed: Mini, Medium, Maxi. So he can enjoy eating and grow up healthy!

Cheer up with your puppy and enjoy this stage full of fun and learning for both of you!

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