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Best destinations to travel with your dog

If you are already thinking about your holidays and this year you have decided to travel with your furry friend, you should know that it is becoming more and more common and there are more and more options of pet friendly places and cities.

We explore the best international and domestic destinations that are pet-friendly, so you can enjoy your holiday with your furry companion.

Pet Friendly International Destinations

If you prefer urban destinations, we recommend five European cities where your dog will be welcome in accommodation, restaurants and activities: Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, London and Oslo.

Paris, known as the ‘city of love’, is famous for being one of the most pet-friendly cities in the world, with most establishments accepting our four-legged friends and even offering specific services for them.

In Amsterdam, dogs are welcome almost everywhere, including museums and cultural centres, and there are plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy.

Hamburg, in northern Germany, is also very friendly to furry companions, with most establishments allowing dogs. Near Hamburg, Bergerdof is a seaside town with a beach where dogs are welcome.

London and Oslo are also great places to visit with your four-legged companion. In London, you’ll find plenty of parks and green spaces for dogs to enjoy. In Oslo, most parks, restaurants and some museums are pet-friendly, making it a very furry-friendly city.

Destinations in Spain to enjoy with your four-legged companion

But you don’t have to go that far to find ideal destinations for your furry friend. In Spain, from north to south, there are lovely options, both on the beach and in the mountains.

In Catalonia, as well as beaches such as Platera and Rubina in Girona, and Cala Vallcarca, Playa de Llevant, Playa de Les Salines and Playa La Picòrdia in Barcelona, you can also explore the beautiful mountain scenery. Places like the Catalan Pyrenees or the Cadi-Moixeró mountain range offer numerous hiking trails and pet-friendly rural accommodation.

In other parts of Spain, such as Asturias or the Sierra de Grazalema in Andalusia, you’ll find stunning mountain landscapes that are ideal for enjoying with your dog. Hiking trails in the Picos de Europa or the Alpujarra are excellent options for exploring nature with your faithful friend.

If you want to make urban holidays in Lugo in Galicia, Madrid or Valencia, you will also find excellent options to enjoy with your furry friend. Madrid, for example, has large parks such as the Retiro where dogs can run and play freely. In Valencia, you can walk with your faithful friend along the Pinedo beach or in the Turia Gardens.

Find suitable accommodation for your furry friend

To find pet-friendly accommodation, you can check websites such as Viajar con Perros or Pet Friendly Booking, which offer options in beach or mountain destinations for all budgets. You can also explore Todo Perro, where you’ll find a wide selection of pet-friendly cottages.

Don’t leave your dog at home on holiday. Look for destinations where you can enjoy your dog and share your free time together, and don’t forget to bring his usual food and care for a perfect holiday together!

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