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Skin problems in dogs: causes and solutionsP

Skin problems in dogs can have multiple causes, both internal and external. Environmental allergies, food allergies, reactions to fleas and parasites, infections, among other factors, can contribute to dermatological conditions.

Allergies, in particular, can manifest with symptoms such as intense itching, excessive scratching, compulsive licking, rashes, inflammation and general discomfort, including atopic dermatitis.

How can we identify these problems?

It is crucial to look out for signs such as persistent itching, skin or coat changes, and any abnormal behaviour. If you notice these symptoms in your dog, it is wise to consult a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The impact of diet on skin health

A balanced and appropriate diet is essential for the health of your dog’s skin. The quality of the food can directly influence the vitality and skin resistance of your faithful friend. As we discussed in the article ‘How does food influence the skin and coat of our dogs and cats?’ Maintaining a vigorous coat depends on how healthy the skin is.

At Picart, we have developed Select DIET Skin & Coat, a food specially formulated for dogs with skin and coat problems. This unique formula is based on simple and effective ingredients, such as rice and lamb, ideal for dogs with food sensitivities.

Key benefits of Select DIET Skin & Coat:

  • Organic zinc to support skin integrity and help prevent dermatosis.
  • With Glutamine-rich yeasts to aid in the prevention of immune deficiencies.
  • Nucleotides to support humoral and cellular immunity.
  • With Methionine to support keratin production.
  • With Biotin to provide good coat and skin condition

In summary, caring for your dog’s diet with high-quality products such as Picart’s Select DIETS Skin & Coat not only improves his health and vitality, but can also effectively treat skin and coat problems.

Invest in your best friend’s well-being and enjoy a happy and radiant companion!

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