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Informacion Alimentacion Perro Esterilizado

Everything you need to know if you have a sterilised dog

Sterilisation of a dog can be performed to prevent reproductive diseases, such as uterine infections and cancer, and to avoid unwanted behaviour related to the reproductive cycle, such as territorial marking and aggression. It is also an effective measure to control pet overpopulation and reduce the number of abandoned animals.

A sterilised dog may experience a number of physical and behavioural changes.

Physical: Females no longer go into heat and males often show a reduction in breeding-related behaviours such as territorial marking and aggression towards other dogs.
Behaviour: many dogs become calmer and less likely to roam in search of mates.
Metabolism: there may be a tendency for weight gain, so it is important to adjust their diet and activity level.

Sterilised dog food

Sterilisation is a common and beneficial practice for both the health and behaviour of dogs. However, this surgery involves certain hormonal changes that can affect the animal’s metabolism and weight. It is therefore crucial to adjust their diet to prevent weight problems and ensure optimal health.

Nutritional Needs of Sterilised Dogs
Sterilised dogs tend to have a reduced energy requirement due to reduced hormone levels, which can lead to weight gain if not properly controlled. A balanced diet for these dogs should have:

  1. Reduced Calories: It is essential to reduce caloric intake by approximately 30% compared to the pre-sterilisation diet. This helps to avoid the weight gain that is common after the procedure.
  2. High Protein Content: Protein helps maintain lean muscle mass while reducing body fat. A good level of protein ensures that the dog stays active and healthy.
  3. Low Fat: Fats should be limited for weight control, but not eliminated, as they are necessary for a balanced diet.
  4. High in fibre: Fibre helps promote a feeling of fullness, which can reduce overall calorie intake by preventing excessive hunger between meals.
  5. L-Carnitine: This component is beneficial as it helps metabolise fat and may contribute to maintaining a healthy weight.

Recommended Picart Petcare Products

  • Picart Select Adult Light & Sterilised Chicken & Rice

This product is specifically formulated for sterilised adult dogs. Its formula offers a perfect balance of protein, fat and fibre to help control weight without sacrificing nutrition. Chicken as the main source of protein ensures high palatability and digestibility, while rice provides an easily digestible source of carbohydrates.

  • Picart Select Mini Light Chicken & Rice

Ideal for small breed dogs, this product is also designed to manage the weight of sterilised dogs. The high concentration of fibre and the inclusion of L-carnitine help to maintain a healthy metabolism and prevent weight gain. In addition, the small kibble is adapted to the jaw size of small dogs, making eating a pleasurable and nutritious experience.

In summary, a proper diet for sterilised dogs should focus on reducing calories, maintaining a high protein level, and being rich in fibre and L-carnitine. Picart Petcare products, such as Picart Select Adult Light & Sterilised Chicken & Rice and Picart Select Mini Light Chicken & Rice, are formulated to meet these specific needs, ensuring your dog stays healthy and happy after sterilisation.

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